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a lonely jew in catholic school
A Jewish student was doing well in school in all subjects except for Math. So his parents decide to send him to a private Catholic school.

While there the boy came home from school and studied every day. At the end of the marking period the boy got straight A's. So his parents ask him, "What motivated you to do so well in school?"

He replied, "When I saw that guy nailed to a plus sign I knew they weren't fooling around!"

that's cheesy
Q: Why did the mouse go to the party?

A: He heard they were playing Parcheesi!

skull & bones
Q: Why were the bones chasing the skull?

A: Because they wanted to get ahead.
death by mexican
An infamous killer is on death row.

He is allowed one last meal an hour before he dies.

So the guy asks if he can have his favorite food. He wants Mexican.

The guards give him what he wants.

An hour goes by and it is time for his death.

One guard asks if he had any last words.

The guy replies, "Yeah...pull my finger."

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