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sub-standard school systems
Mother: Come on, Victor, you have to get out of bed or you'll be late for school.
Victor: Aw, Mom do I have to? All the teachers hate me, and all the students hate me too.
Mother: Yes you do.
Victor: Give me a good reason
Mother: You're 34 and you're the Principal!
how many union guys does it take...
How many union guys does it take to change a lightbulb?

Fifteen. You got a problem with that?

red ball express
All drivers for Red Ball Express had orders to never ever pick up hitchhikers. Ol' Freddy was high-ballin' down the highway and saw an unbelievably stunning blonde hitch-hiking. Thinking with the wrong head, he pulled over and picked her up. Travelling down the highway, she leaned forward and looked in the rearview mirror.

"You have a flat back there on the trailer," she said. Freddy pulled over, went back to have a look. While he was back there, the blonde slid over and drove off. Freddy was now pissed off. Soon, a motorcycle gang pulled up, beat the crap out of him and left Freddy naked and broke. Another Red Ball Express driver saw Fred and recognized him.

"Fred, you okay?" he asked. Fred told him the entire story.

"Oh, Fred," said the driver, unzipping his pants. "This just isn't your day."

dwarf eskimo
What do you call a dwarf eskimo with a hard-on?

A Frigid Midget With A Rigid Digit!

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