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the florist's twins
Did you hear about the florist's twins?

Why yes! One was a budding genius and the other was a blooming idiot.
knock knock... dishes
Knock, knock!

Who's there?


Dishes who?

Dishes the police -- we have you surrounded!

the wonderful thing about tiggers
Q: Why doesn't Tigger have any friends?
A: He plays with Pooh
perspective lawyers
Two smart, attractive, well-educated young law graduates, Sally and Edith, were competing for a prestigious job.
As part of the job interview, each was asked why she wanted the job. Edith answered that she wanted to work for a firm with a reputation of being concerned with truth and justice.

When it was her turn, Sally simply opened her purse, took out a rather thin wallet and laid it on the senior partner's desk. "I want to fatten it up as fast as possible," she said. Sally got the job.

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