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doe a deer
What did the bow-legged doe say?

Thats the last time I will do that for ten bucks.

railroad thunder
A railroad worker was cuting the grass away from the edge of the line as a train was coming in his direction. He droped all his tools and ran down the line as fast as he could. The next thing he knew, he was waking up in a hospital. A policeman asked him why didn't you just run up the grassy hill to saftey, “What chance did I have of out running up the hill if I couldn't outrun it on level ground?”
discontinued jelly bean flavors
1. Gangrene 2. New Car 3. Burn Victim 4. Dimetapp 5. Sand 6. Taxi 7. Grandma 8. WD-40 9. Substitute Teacher 10 Cigarette
height of laziness
What is the height of laziness?


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