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darn crazy kids
A young punk gets on a bus and sits down in directly across from an old man.

The young punk has spiked green, purple and orange hair. His clothing is a tattered mix of leather rags. His entire face and body are covered with piercings and his earrings are big, bright red, yellow and green feathers.

The old man stares at the young punk as the bus travels across the city.

Finally, the punk looks across at the old man, and yells, "What are you looking at, old man! Didn't you do anything wild when you were young?"

Without missing a beat, the old man replies, "Yeah. Back when I was very young and in the Navy, I got really drunk in Singapore and had sex with a parrot... I thought you might be my son."

keep it on the dl
What does a old posty bike and a fat girl have in common?
Their fun to ride until your friends find out.
where are my meds
How many manic depressives does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
None, let them cry in the dark.
infectious fast food
What do you call an annorexic with a yeast infection?

A quarter pounder with cheese!

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