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What's 72?

69 with 3 people watching!

slightly used car
A man was selling his brand-new luxury car for ten dollars. A woman answered the ad, but she was slightly disbelieving.

'Ten bucks?!? What's the gimmick?' she inquired.

'No gimmick,' the man answered. 'My wife died, and in her will she asked that the car be sold and that all the money go to the mailman.'

intelligent life?
Aliens from Somewhere-Out-There just landed on Earth. The Captain and First Mate step out and says: "Creatures of the third planet... erm, we have come from Somewhere-Out-There, and we wish to talk to your leader."

No one moves or makes a sound.

The First Mate says: "Perhaps they are afraid of us."

The Captain nods and says again in a friendlier voice: "Please, we mean no harm, just let us speak to your leader."

Nothing happens.

"We mean no harm, we have come in peace."

Again nothing happens.

Growing impatient the First Mate says: "If you will not take us to your leader, we will have to take one of you on board our ship for examination!"

When no one makes a move, the Captain pulls out a big laser gun and shouts: "OK, THAT'S IT, FIRST MATE, TAKE THE ONE ON THE END! CUT HIM AWAY FROM THE EARTH HE LOVES SO MUCH!"

Some blocks away, two police men sit in their car when they see the light from the laser.

"Omigod! Did you see that," the first policeman says to the other. They drive to where they saw the light and stop, scratching their heads. "Looks like it's been cut off neatly," the first one says.

"Yeah, but why? They'd only get a few dimes out of it." They look around the spot in wonder.

And the second says: "Why would anybody want to steal a parking meter?"

say cheese
What's the longest word in the dictionary?



Because there's a mile between the first and last letters.

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