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penis and bread
Dad: Son, what is the difference a penis and a loaf of bread?

Son: I don't know.

Dad: Then remind me to never send you to the store for a loaf of bread.

batman & robin flatten criminals!
What happened when Batman and Robin got run over by a steam roller?

They became Flatman and Ribbon!

Did you know, on a cool, still dark night, you can actually hear a FORD rust?
hotel fun
Bill and Joe go into a hotel. The hotel has 100 floors. The hotel manager tells them that there is only one room left and it's on the 100th floor. The guys take the room. The elevators are busted. So they take the stairs. At the 10th floor, Bill tells Joe he has something to tell him .

'Tell me upstairs,' says Joe.

When they reach the 100th floor, Joe finally asks what Bill wanted.

'We forgot the keys downstairs.'

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