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Q: Why is a bathroom called a “rest room?”

A: Because when you pee you go, “AHHHHH!”
wailing whale
What do you do with a blue whale?

Cheer it up!

run, little cow
Why did the calf cross the street?

To get to the udder side.
that darn cat
There was this cat who loved to get drunk, who went to the bar on the other side of the tracks.

He stayed all night long and got so wasted he could barely stand up, much less walk.

The cat starts to stumble home, and when he came to the train tracks, he didn't notice a train coming down the tracks.

As he started to cross the tracks, the train zoomed by, and cut off his tail. The cat turned his head to see the damage, got his head stuck into the side of a speeding box car, and is instantly decapitated.

The moral of the story don't lose your head over a piece of tail!

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