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suburbs vs. ghetto
In the suburbs, there's grass. In the ghetto, there's grass grower.
* In the suburbs, there's 'corner stores.' In the ghetto, there's liquor stores, bail bonds, weed, and lottery numbers in one building.
* In the suburbs, there's microbrews. In the ghetto, there's 40 ounces.
* In the suburbs, there's homeade acid. In the ghetto, there's 'sizurp.'
* In the suburbs, the ice cream man sells just ice cream. In the ghetto, he sells ice cream, chips, drinks, candy, crack, weed and mixtapes.
* In the suburbs, there's a response to a 911 call. 'Nuff said.
* In the suburbs, there's neighborhood parks. In the ghetto, there's corners.
* In the suburbs, there's lifestyles of the rich and famous. In the ghetto, there's lifestyles of the broke and pissed off.
* In the suburbs, there's Rover, Spot, etc. In the ghetto, there's Butch, Killa, Boo....
* In suburban schools, teachers are fired. In ghetto schools, teachers quit.
* In the suburbs, kids wear red, white or blue because they 'just like the color.' In the ghetto, kids wear red white or blue 'cuz that'z whut I claim.'
* In the suburbs, kids come home with candy. In the ghetto, kids come home with candy, coke can tops, crack pipes, etc.
* In the suburbs, you pop firecrackers on the 4th of July. In the ghetto, you pop firecrackers from the end of school until Halloween.
* In the suburbs, you have 'Honey I'm home' In the ghetto, you have 'Who was that came in the doe'?!"
* In the suburbs, dad's oldies are the Beatles, John Denver, etc. In the suburbs, dad's oldies are George Clinton, Zapp and Roger and the O'Jays--until they were stolen.
* In the suburbs, teenage bands consists of drums, bass, regular guitar, and the main vocalist. In the ghetto, teenage 'bands' consists of a table, a hairbrush and 15 or 20 dudes standing around taking turns freestylin'.
* In the suburbs, cable consists of 100 regular channels, and all the premium and pay-per-view channels In the ghetto, you have cable running from next door, 60 out of the 100 channels show up, and the others need a clothes hanger and some aluminum foil to show up halfway decent.
* In the suburbs, dad keeps his gun hid in a closet, and breaks it out during hunting season. In the ghetto, you gotta pack the steel everywhere you go.
* In the suburbs, you have community watch service. In the ghetto, you just have the community watch signs, spray-painted over.
* In the suburbs, you have bandanas In the ghetto, you have 'rags."
* In the suburbs, you wear your jewelry. In the ghetto, you 'floss yo' ice."
* In the suburbs, if your lights are cut off, you use candles.
* In the ghetto, you take your lamp and 2 or 3 extension cords and use the next-door neighbor's power.
* In the suburbs, potholes are in the middle of street. In the ghetto, Michelob bottles, and cigarette butts are in the middle of street.
Two pretzels were walking down the street........one was a salted!
bloody mary
What's grosser than gross?

A bloody mary with curly, brittle hairs in it!

cruel joke
What did the blind, deaf, mute quadraplegic boy get for Christmas?


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