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god made eve first
In this world God made Eve first and one day he came to the Garden to check on her. So he asks her how is everything going. Eve says everything is wonderful except one thing-the third breast he gave her it is a real pain in the ass. When she is playing with her breast she only has two hands and when she is running she can only hold up two breasts--could he please do something to help her?

So God says no problem-he reaches down and pulls the breast off and tosses it under a bush. Eve is very thankful.

When God checks in on Eve a while later she is happy with her breasts but is lonely. She points out that all the animals have a partner to be with so why can't she.

"Well," God says, "When I made you I used all the human parts I had there is nothing left to make a man with. I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do."

Well, Eve says, what about the useless tit that you threw under the bush?

aggie accident
There was an Aggie, Longhorn, and a Red Raider who were out hunting. The Aggie brought back a big buck.

'How did you get that?' they all asked.

'I saw the tracks, followed the tracks, and 'boom' I shot a buck.' Then the longhorn brought back an elephant.

'How did you get that?" they all asked.

'I saw the tracks, I followed the tracks, and 'boom' I shot an elephant.' Then the Red Raider came back all beat up.

"What happened?" they all asked.

"I saw the tracks, I followed the tracks, and 'boom' I got hit by a train."

party fun for dorks
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Boo who?
Don't cry, it's just me!
yo mama's so stupid...
Yo' mama so stupid, she filled out a job application and where it said, "Don't Write Below This Line," she wrote "Okay!"

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