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ham and sex
The priest and the rabbi were on a plane flying across the ocean when the plane developed engine trouble. Everyone was doomed. The priest turned to the rabbi and said, "Before I die there's something that I would like to know. You being Jewish and all -- have you ever tasted ham?"

"Well," the rabbi laughed, "sure I've tasted ham. But tell me father, before we die -- could you tell me if you have ever made love to a woman?"

The priest blushed and said, "There was this one time I gave in and made love to a woman."

The rabbi looked at the priest and said, "Beats the hell out of ham, don't it?"

your dandruff
Your dandruff is so bad the principal had to call a snow day!
catch a bra
Q: How do you catch a bra?

A: Set up a boobie trap.
the inscrutable witch fertility problem
Why can't witches have babies.

Because their husbands have hollow weenies.

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